Highest Bitcoin Mining Profit

GAW Miners Hashlet Genesis – Profitable Bitcoin Mining

HASHLET GENESIS by GAW MINERS, SHA256 Bitcoin Mining Profitable FOREVER, Only 9.95
More of What you Want,
Less of what you Don’t!
Never Obsolete : Adjusts to always remain profitable & never breaks down.
Instant Activation : Start hashing in minutes. No pre-orders.
– Unlocks SHA256 : The world’s most popular cryptocoin algorithm, now in your hands.
0% Pool Fees – All pool fees, forever, are built into the price of your Shalet.
No Shipping : Don’t pay or wait days for a package to arrive. Start mining immediately.
– Datacenter-Optimized : Engineered to take full advantage of economies of scale.
Profitable : Costs decline over time, maintaining your profitability.
Do you have $9.95 laying around? You do? Then you can start mining RIGHT NOW.
Get TEN, that’s right, 10 GigaHashes per second, or Thirty Six THOUSAND hashes per hour for only $9.95. NOT EVEN TEN DOLLARS.
Purchase a Bitcoin Miner from GAW Miners for less than TEN dollars and get FREE Bitcoins for LIFE.


Visit http://goo.gl/Gc81IB to be a part of the new generation of Bitcoin Mining Hardware owners!


Message from Josh the GAW Miners CEO,
“So to be clear on Hashlet Genesis’ Features:
  • 0% pool fees, forever.
  • Gets more efficient as new Hashlets add to the grid.
  • Costs depreciate over time, keeping ROIs up
  • Never grows obsolete.
  • And it’s owned forever, never expiring.

The last bit there is important.

Some of you may have seen that there are a few competitors of ours popping up recently, offering temporary mining contracts to their customers. It’s funny. It’s not just that the contracts are rip off expensive, but there’s a deeper issue at heart. These are the same folks who’ve been caught red handed mining on their customer’s purchased hardware and who constantly delay their customer’s preorders for months on end.

Now they’re proud to sell expensive mining contracts that expire and become worthless?!

And in some cases, they are even using our designs. As they say “if they can’t innovate, then they imitate”

Back to time contracts: How are limited contracts supposed to bring anyone a ROI? One company says they will simply just stop mining for you if the profits become the same price as the payout. What is that? Why not continue to innovate so that does not happen? If the customer wins, you win!

I just wanted to say how happy I am to work with people like you guys, who see through these things and recognize value when they see it.”

Visit http://goo.gl/Gc81IB to be a part of the new generation of Bitcoin Mining Hardware owners!


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